12thAthTatt 12 copy

A small spring story from the 12th Athens International Tattoo Convention

“One. Just one. Non negotiable. I had been thinking about getting “inked” for many years but was always reluctant to finally “just do it”. Out of fear of boredom mainly. What if I changed my mind? What if it stopped meaning what it used to? What if the symbol lost its meaning? I don’t remember if it was in the light of day or in the darkness of the night that I took my decision. But I remember the decision alone. The choice. And the time of year, the time in my life. No need to analyze. Those who put themselves under the burning needle know well the reasons why. They may chose to share, or they may not. So I started my “market research”. I don’t know how many tattoo studios there are in Athens, but they are certainly many many more than one would imagine. Between recommendations, studio atmosphere, a feeling hard to define, tickling you in the back of your mind and impossible to explain, sometimes an extravagant coincidence, one of those that make even the more scepticals and cynicals wonder if there is really “nothing but pure chance” and finally there you are, in the hands of the artist that will do to you what no one else has done to you before. And it will be forever”.

The woman who shared her first tattoo experience had already chosen. A dark rose. On her back, high between the shoulders. No color. She had been seeing artists and studios for twenty days and finally decided that Sakir would be the one to burn her first and – as she still insists – her only tattoo.

Sakir finished burning the petals, the little thorns and the shadows of the dark rose on her skin: “Welcome to our world”

©Christina Kalligianni/2018, All rights reserved