Skin Trapped

13th Athens Tattoo Convention 2019

Angels and demons, tigers and lions, fairies, butterflies, Medusas, mythical and oceanic, familiar faces or just figments of someone’s imagination, created by the artist’s ink, creatures of fantasy or desire, trapped in the skin’s pores. One man’s ornament is the other man’s signature. And even when you think you have seen it all, there is still more to draw your gaze, to surprise your mind…one more design, one more small part of skin the ink has not yet conquered, one more square centimeter to challenge you and make you proud. Along with the artists that can’t stop “drawing” and the believers that can’t stop getting burnt, so the lens in never satisfied. Every year, again and again, diving into a world separate and yet entangled with the “real” one. And even if the faces look the same, beautiful and out-wordly, you still go for one more “click”… as if the Medusa on the man’s arm is about to shake the snakes off her head…and the Acherontia Styx on the girl’s chest is about to fly away.

©Christina Kalligianni/2019, All rights reserved